Michel de Nostredame Introduction
    Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus, was a famous astrologer who lived in the 16th century. He made many prophecies, both for his current era and the distant future. Most famous are his Centuries, a series of 942 verses, grouped in sets of 100, describing future events. A single verse is commonly called a quatrain and 100 quatrains a Centurie.

    Since Nostradamus was French, all quatrains are originally in his language. But for the Net-community a possible translation is given along with the original. The reader should be aware that because of the obscure style of these prophecies there are many possible translations.

    Other things you can find here are a biography of Nostradamus, the sixains, a letter introducing the sixains and some miscellaneous links to other sites that carry relevant information. There are also a few interpretations of some quatrains.

    The Centuries and the accompaning texts are a result of a collaborative effort of some people on Usenet. Of course I wish to thank everybody who helped making the texts.


The Centuries

Preface: A letter to Cesar, original French version
Preface: English translation
Centurie I
Centurie II
Centurie III
Centurie IV
Centurie V
Centurie VI
Centurie VII
Epistle: A letter to Henry II, French version
Epistle: English version.
Centurie VIII
Centurie IX
Centurie X
Other Documents
A biography of Nostradamus.
Some explanations for the prophecies.
Duplicate and extra quatrains
Letter introducing the sixains
The sixains


Nostradamus and the 20th Century
Did Nostradamus predict Diana's Death
Nostradamus: A critical Analysis by Neil Marshall
A. Propoganda about Nostradamus
A List of Resources for Nostradamus Research
The Unexplained
Nostradamus' Physician, Astrologer, Prophet.

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