Friends and Favorites 

Letters and photos from
Charlie's Trip across the USA
and lots more.
Letters from my pal Charlie Ricky Bergstrom
(Bugs) and friends
(19 Feb 1948 - 19 May 2006)
Rick's Photo's 2006
My ole pal Bob Butt
(The Eskimo) & friends
( 17 Jan 1933 - 27 Oct 2002)
Robert Butt My tall friend
Gil's Naturism Area.
It's not what you think.
Gil is over six feet tall.
Jim G's Last Frontier
Native American Art of Alaska.
Jim Giordano. Some of Etsuko's
photos she's sharing.
Etsuko's Photos
George at Laguna Seca 2005. George at Laguna Seca 2005 Jack Stewart's
Photo Space
Jack Stewart's Space

A Couple of my Favorite Songs

Jimmy Durante's
'As Time Goes By'
is a favorite.
Jimmy Durante -  As Time Goes By "Rivers of Babylon"
Lyrics ~ Music
A song I just seem to like

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